Made for everyday use for the everyday human. These tools provide the quality that RAE GEAR customers demand and the ability to have a wide variety of tools with-in a small footprint



RAE GEAR is the original tactical sheath

designer and manufacture in the USA. We are the strongest, lightest and thinnest sheath on the market. We make sheath happen !


RAE GEAR has developed the world’s strongest, thinnest, and most light weight wallet on the market. Internal springs allow these wallets to hold 1 card, up to 8 with the same engagement strength. 


Even down to our clothes, we pride ourselves on being American made. This isn't just a random shitty T-shirt; these are quality that the RAE GEAR fam deserves.   

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R.A.E. GEAR is here to serve you and your team the highest quality tactical sheaths, pocket tools, & wallets on the market.  With a constant product line development, you can be sure that a product that fits your needs will be available soon if we have not developed it already. RAE GEAR stands behind every product we design and manufacture. If you experience any issues, we got you covered with a resolve !


We specifically design our products with law enforcement, Military, EMT's, firefighters and survivalists in mind. Knowledge in our market is key to designing top level sheaths, tools & wallets as R.A.E. gear has done. We have performed extensive infield tests on all designs to ensure our products are the best in the industry.




Phone:815-666-9243   /

15106 S Fox River St. Plainfield Illinois, 60544

Phone: 815-666-9243 /

15106 S. Fox River St. Plainfield IL 60544

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